Above All

by Player 4 & Jah

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A collaborative tape between producer/rapper Player 4 (me!) + rapper Jah, 'Above All' visits many thoughts / emotions shared by the two, such as hope & depression, success & failure, and nostalgia & indifference.
We worked very hard to bring you an EP that we are both proud of, and we hope you enjoy every bit of it.
every song was produced and mixed by Player 4.
twitter: @player4music

instagram: @player4music

soundcloud: soundcloud.com/player-4


released July 29, 2017

Player 4




Player 4 Tampa, Florida

Tampa, FL
Music is everything.

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Track Name: Not Yet
Verse 1 - Player 4:

I thought I'd try this rap shit out
I'm just a young motherfucker tryna make it out,
Now I'm hanging with my demons, try to take me out.
All this bullshit's really something i could do with out.
I'm making beats only in my bedroom,
Now I'm hearing voices dawg, yeah man, me too.
I've come a long motherfucking way,
Now there's no stopping me - no fucking way.
While death looms on the horizon, that don't stop me from _ rising
but really where the fuck am i going?
Did I have my chance? Did I already blow it? (yeah)
Heard the first four bars, ain't gotta write that out,
because that's what this music shit's all about, man
fuck these bitches I'm just grinding hard, and while I'm at it,
i need to check a motherfucker's card.
Because some people really ain't bout shit.
They smile in yo' face, then they lie right quick.
Man its really getting cold out here,
even in the Fouth Florida where the snow don't near.
Shout out to Jah, Hes a lyrical god.
Hes a real motherfucker bitch this is not a charade.
Who else is real?
Man, that's a Good Question,
I be asking myself that before I'm resting.
I'll fuck around and get arrested for
giving all these rappers their final resting place.
underground while I be up in space, and I'm
off these fuckin' pills, I cant feel my fuckin' face.
If we're talkin' bout why I ain't sober, i got a
lot of fuckin' problems that I cant get over,
and I'm thinkin' bout all that shit that had happened with Jake.
Dawg, I miss you man. You cannot be replaced.

Is this music shit really for me?
Fuck that talk, this shit finna set me free.
If you follow the bars, then you will see this
fucked up place I call my mind its a dichotomy.

Verse 2 - Jah:

Bitch I'm determined
to get my earnings
I'm backwoods burning
These maggots squirming
These bitches yearning
For the dick
Pray these bitches never catch me slip
While they throwing fits
I be throwing on the nicest fits
Procedures is off the meter
No nigga you can't defeat em
These bitches I never need em
Create these bars they repeat em
Boy how you gon ever lead em
When really it's only that tail that you chase
Got em pale in the face
They gon fail at this pace
Leave a trail n they trace
Everything I spits dope, you'll need scales for the weight
Plotting plots till I feel my brain throb
Nigga fuck a lame job
Sent here for a main cause
Cause, what's just so fulfilling
Is just that soulful feeling
When you just know you killing
When all those o's be filling
Your bank account
Make a motherfucker think about
All the hate they'd shout
Like this nigga couldn't make it out
I got a vision and Ima write till I can't see no more
Me n my niggas get so high till we can't see the floor
I'll kill these rappers till these motherfuckers be no more
They prolly thought I'd be another fucking bino
A fucking drake
But sorry I can't relate
Got different shit on my plate
This here's what you can't replace
I used to skate
But now I done flipped my pap
N shuv it all in yo face
Cause all you'd show me was hate
Man I swear y'all on that fake shit
Talk shit in my face bitch
Twitter fingers ain't shit
I'm refined while they be make shift
'Nough to make the plates shift
Keep up with the pace bitch
Guaranteed the flow will hit you in the temple
At any tempo
Open your mental
Dreams I attempt those
wrote this verse on an empty stomach, just to show how I feel
So you know that it's real
Know the flows hard to steal

Outro - Player 4:
I can't stop yet.
I've got too much to live for.
I can't stop, no not yet.
Let me see what the future holds.
Track Name: Coping
Verse 1 - Jah:

It seems every day I ask, what the fuck is wrong
My happiness be on a switch nigga off n on
This life I wish I could just switch just wanna be gone
My mind be on the fucking fritz face is looking calm
And sometimes not even my bitch gon get a response
I'm getting distant need assistance feel I'm breaking bonds
I'm getting heated for no reason devils got me drawn
I need to learn to weigh more pros than these fucking cons
I just think of this world and make sense of it
Realize we beautifully insignificant
Go out your body then you would witness it
I just need help, but I cant admit this shit
Need to get over my self
Start treating my mental health
Hurting my fam I can tell
Feel like I'm Under a spell
Under dark clouds where I dwell
I know the pain gone prevail
But that don't mean that I failed
Stay with the grind like a rail
And honestly this music shit was an escape
Writing these emotions down for those who relate
In hopes that maybe one day I could afford an estate
So I started working hard ain't got time to wait
See I take my catastrophes and
Turn them bitches to a masterpiece and
Now it's smthn that they have to see man
Now they wanna hear my raps released damn

Verse 2 - Player 4:
Man, it's times like these i don't know what to do.
Just sitting, pensive in my bedroom.
Sober as fuck and wanted not, man right now,
i could really use a shot.
If I ain't got the liquor, then I'mma pop a pill.
Taking anything to give me that good feel.
Relieving stress of worrying about these dollar bills.
Through the windowsill, I watch the xanthophyll just
fall to the ground
Feels like nothings real
Drifting through my head, I can't leave, I'm weather-bound.
I'm stumbling over my words,
just tryna get my self heard in this hurtful earth that
whirred the caged bird
In my head, peaceful thoughts instead is all i want man.
I said, in my head peaceful thoughts instead is all I want man.

Just sit back and let the music take you away,
to a place that you can surely stay all day.
Let your mind drift, baby, just sit and relax.
Put the record on and let the fuckin ti-ime pass.
Pop a methadone if you really need to, but
I don't do that anymore, I know what the pills do.
Stick to smoking sess because that make me feel good,
All I want in life is to be understood. (yeah)
I write these rhymes in hopes,
I get a little fuckin piece of mind,
if not, I choke from my own thoughts strangling me.
Lemme tell you just how insecure a person can be.
Im, just, fuckin,
Stumbling over my words,
just tryna get my self heard in this hurtful earth that
whirred the caged bird
In my head, peaceful thoughts instead is all i want man
Because right now im better off dead.

(Said im better off dead.... Fuck..... Man pass the god damn blunt)
Track Name: In My Chest
Verse 1 - Jah:

I'm all alone with some lit sage
Might just end up with some slit veins
The stick raised
Click bang
To my shit brain
Don't get slain
Shit stain
I ain't bitch made
All my fucks think I'm running out
That's why I'm always blunted now
I threw my sins away
Seems they all just spun around
If Ima kill my demons
Ima need a hunnid rounds
The last ones for my ass son
I'm just tryna make my stacks dumb
So I use this music
To diffuse this
Stress weighing on my chest
But I feel it's useless
Shit man I'm feeling hopeless
Shit man I'm losing focus
These drugs got my mind open
But that ain't helping with the coping
I just need a couple commas to stop the drama
Support my momma
All for the honor
Not what I'm fond of
That Money sign be looking like the snake on the tree
So if you only chasing money then you fake as can be
Relation to me?
My nigga you is facing a g
I'm painting a scene
That might take them like ages to see
My range it be deep
Especially when I'm facing the tree
If faith is the key
Then god please have some patience with me

Verse 2 - Player 4

My minds playing games on me
im getting that feeling that you get when you can't breathe, talkin'
Panicking all damn day.
I don't wanna hear anything you have to fucking say.
Reconvey the disarray,
My DNA's the dossier,
My sobriquet's the 4 that plays,
My vertebrae in nebulae:
Im my own fuckin' prodigy.
I just,
I just wanna fuckin get away.
Whippin cabriolets down the parkway
to some place that nobody knows me,
because round here nobody really knows me.
I got a
Dope sound no one pays me no mind tho.
Say this all of the time, bro, whoa.
People doubting me devours me
to push me out of the window or off the balcony.
These thoughts running through my head
I can't escape em so i learn to cope instead.
Write these rhymes and make these songs.
Its the only thing that keeps me happy for long.
Track Name: Know No Defeat
Verse 1 - Player 4

Words falling on deaf ears,
I'm smoking on this weed to help me deal with my fears. (ay)
When im alone, i be screaming so loud but nobody hears me.
Feel like i got nobody,
poppin all these pills
I can't feel my lower body.
But when you buy my fuckin' coffin,
better get that bitch in a bordeaux copy.
Fuck the xan crew, i be poppin other pills.
Making my stomach turn,
Making me ill.
Doing all these drugs takes the pain away,
because I'm the illest motherfucker in the Tampa Bay
Name these beats 'Know No Defeat'
Just a young motherfucker tryna eat.
Smoking backwoods all damn day, to be honest
I dont really know any other way.
Whip the cadillac down the boulevard,
bump that new Player 4, "damn that shit go hard!"
Because i been going hard since '98,
now people fuckin with me from out of state.
Now im out of state off those fuckin tabs, man,
don't forget about the tree, thats that gas, man,
no one fucks with yall cuz all yall got is trash, man
better step ya game up, you'll be in last, man.

Player 4 runs this shit
all your verses diarrhea, talkin' running shit.
I be putting in that work you already know that shit,
imma make it out of Tampa - don't doubt that bitch.
I be witty with these words talkin thesaurus,
at the same time in the kitchen, this all wrist
Just playing, having fun with this shit,
stealing flows from 21 like i was 22, bitch.

Verse 2 - Jah:

I'm covered in gold with no jewelry
At this point ain't a damn thing new to me
My circle is closed if you new to me
I can't name a damn thing good for soothing me
Ain't a thing that's moving me
Don't know what or who is me
Ain't a thing that's ruling me
Don't fuck with the coonery
If you try with fooling me
Then it's either you or me
Feel they all just using me
Tell me what are you to me
Ugh, wait, with my crew as we puff dank
Bump this shit on a rough day
I just need love for fucks sake
These just things that I must say
I ain't claiming no set just to get their respect
Nigga all these hoes pest always trying to impress
Was the one in the class who just slept and got f's
And the one who they slept on no one gave a f
Bring the full effect I ain't doing nothing less
Ain't nothing but net while they shit is such a mess
Can't just be the rest, so I never fucking rest
Follow my own steps
Hundred bands n hundred bands they on the way bruh
Ain't gon let another be the one who made us
If you ain't my brother, then I don't relate bruh
Ton of ones I love who all just gone away bruh
Now my uncle fighting with that fucking cancer
I just think it's sick I know they got the answer
Maybe they would help me if I filled them stands up
But who gon give a fuck I'm just a kid from Tampa
Look and suicide too two of mines
Going through these times is why I do these rhymes
Know each unique verse heard by the universe
It goes you me first until the fucking hearse
Track Name: Shadows

We can drift away
to another place,
to another place
to another (x2)

Verse 1 - Player 4:

Run away from problems every night
pour a fire in my cup, it ain't shining so bright.
I just wanna be numb,
smoke a blunt in the moonlight.
I miss you and your off-white
clothes, your lips like rose,
when i go outside now i see them crows but
inside of me?
all of its hollow.
Thinking underground, thinking how low?
6 feet, its the best place for me.
In my head can you see?
How i be getting by just so barely?
Maybe its the RX that I need.
I miss them rolex dreams,
Nightmares often they
Come when they please and
Never leave.
Can you conceive the demons that i see?
You perceive the greatness that i be,
you receive a grade below a D


Verse 2 - Jah:

I ain't better than you
And you ain't better than me
But I know one thing your love is always bettering me
I'd bet on it b
I'll stay until you fed up with me
Might better your chi
I'll make you get as wet as can be
I don't wanna upset you
But I might have to fucking sweat you
Just caress you
Let you
In my schedule
Keep it sensual
We could get it in the restroom
Hol' up I been round
You know I don't play
Want you do bend down
Ain't taking no breaks
Po up some hen rounds
We drunk we shitfaced
It's Just smthn bout you
Got me goin so cra
Don't you let go
Girl you know what I like
Might not last too long
but for now it's so right
If it's for you
I don't care bout the price
Girl if no ones around
Take them clothes off on sight
I know that you feel some type of way
So if you don't mind we could some time today
I just need to take my mind away
From all the stress It's only you can relate.
Girl you got me hypnotized
From the fucking lips to thighs
When you walk up in the room
I feel the fucking tension rise
Shit I don't know what to do
This love just don't make sense sometimes
You ain't got the title
But that body Ima make it mines.

Track Name: Relief
Verse 1 - Player 4:

Get it how I live, that's my number 1 motto.
Working hard so I ain't gotta hit the lotto.
Aficionado when it comes to dope.
I be flying so high, you only see me with a telescope.
I don't wanna play games no more
I wanna be the greatest that they always hoped for.
Hope 4 dont wig himself,
I hope 4 dont touch the pills up on the shelf, man.
With the chrome to my dome
with the oxycodone in my system I learned a lot.
When the going gets tough,
when no one's got your back, man don't ever stop firing shots.
I know the feeling got your stomach in knots,
I know ya family ain't supporting a lot,
you fuckin these thots,
you crushin up rocks,
you stuck in ya thoughts,
you getting lit light a tinder box, ya laughing-stock. (ya bitch)
You know my flow is so heterodox,
like a tomahawk in the jack-in-the-box
that electro shock
now you facing the clock,
like looking at blocks
if i ever mention your career, its an afterthought
you all empty talk.

Verse 2 - Jah:

They just don't know what I can do with a pen
Done it before n I'll do it again
Son of lord and I school all the men
Run up the score so for you it's the end
Yo player 4 we've been due of some m's
Just a young spaz from a lab
Which dummy gon fund me cash
Y'all niggas got bummy tasks
Quit thinking that all this gab
Cause when I drop it'll be like an anvil
Sales not a standstill
Best believe the plans real
Nigga I can't stand still
Doin this at fuckin will
Yes I'm ready for the kill
Tryna get these dollars bills
Food for thought they can't stomach
Tryna reach my damn summit
Til These niggas can't sum it
Watch these veterans Plummet
From the shit I've written
My soul is risen
These niggas hissing
Cause theirs is missing
Careers is fizzing
I'm class dismissing
Like a professor
These niggas lesser
I never mess up
I'm feeling blessed up
I I'm writing songs equivalent to psalms
They tryna read my palms
To know just what I'm on
To know where they went wrong
It started when you begun
Just face it y'all niggas dumb
The bell has already rung
I just sit back n analyze
Couple seconds I can tell they can't handle mines
Yo shit is see through boy you got them phantom rhymes
My shit is evil boy I got them manic rhymes
I Got a lot of dirt on my hands I think I need that manicure
There ain't no single man that's pure
so nigga what you standing for
I don't know what your hand out for
Bitch what you always scandalous for
I don't think I can manage more
Scamming whores
I always wreck the beat
Grind never catching sleep
Shine when they step to me
My rhymes get depression beat
I always kept to me
Grind is my specialty
Shine when they let me speak
My rhymes here to set the peace.
Track Name: Solitude
Verse 1 - Player 4

This some shit to nod your head to
whether agreeance or believing in the good tunes.
Now sit back and light that blunt
Don't be afraid to lose yourself inside the music,
That's what I do.
I don't know where to go.
I been riding round town since a quarter of 4
I been looking for myself inside every door.
I been thinking, if I left today would anyone know? No.
So why I do this shit?
I feel like nobody even fuckin' listening in.
I feel like nobody really fuckin want me to win.
All my words on this paper just dust in the wind.
They all talkin bout heaven, well im not getting in.
I cannot begin to count how many times i have sinned.
Even if its real, I don't appeal to that shit.
Go to church and kneel down before who, bitch?
Its my fate, my life.
All alone is all i know, right?
Its my fate, my life.
I can change anything i want, right?
Man, I don't need any guidance, keep it to yourself.
I said, I don't need any guidance, keep it to yourself.
Just let the beat ride,
Just let the beat ride.

Verse 2 - Jah:

Just go n start your stopwatch
Give me one sec I'll make em jump like hopscotch
Smoking on the best I give a fuck if the cops watch
Told her keep it wet like she gon stay in her hotspot
Just drugs sex n violence
Shit, these rhymes be coming to me sitting in silence
And I don't fuck with no one so these raps just be pile'n
These rappers talk drive but I question they mileage
These rappers suck they won't last
That's what happens when you chase that buck it's so sad
Acting hard but they ain't really tough no gonads
Stingy when I'm smoking on my blunt so don't ask
Yeah they confident
But they incompetent
Bitch I'm monstrous
Might leave yo conscious split
Just get lost in this
Forget yo thoughts n just
Hit that pot a bit
Know that you got the jist
Just listen up bet you gon learn a lot
Man this shit gets deeper than a motherfucking murder plot
I done put more time in that that motherfucker shmurda got
Top notch with the rhymin I won't stop until I earn the top
I'm bout to start a new era
If you on the other team bitch I won't spare ya
Know I got some niggas that is really down to bury ya
Fuck making you bleed guaranteed that I'll tear ya
In to two pieces
Bitch this no thesis
See they don't teach this
I'm all up on my me shit
I ain't with that weak shit
Think other words then peep this
Still ain't reach my peak bitch
And still they say that he's just
way too talented
Got em silenced like the mallet hit
Tryna get rich see wassup with all them palaces
Plucking on these strings till my fingers get some calluses
Thinking you a king motherfucker that ain't valid shit